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is a synthetic antibacterial product to treat ear infections, acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, urinary tract infections.

Сategory Antibiotics
Name Bactrim
Active Ingredient sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim
Information Bactrim as known as: Actrim, Adrenol, Alfatrim, Altavit, Anitrim,
Apo-bactotrim, Apo-sulfatrim, Assepium, Astrim,
Dosage  400/80mg,  800/160mg.
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Lung abscess – an infectious disease that is characterized by the formation of hollow sections filled with pus. The disease occurs with severe intoxication, fever and weakness. Pathogens often act bacteria. In addition the development of purulent process in the lungs contributes to the ingress of foreign bodies, mucus or vomit (with alcohol intoxication or seizures, which are accompanied by convulsions). At risk are people with diseases of bronchial tubes, blood, endocrine disorders and various chronic diseases. Just abscess may develop in patients receiving different drugs that reduce the body’s defenses.

The symptoms of lung abscess

In the formation of purulent cavity (cavities or more) of the following symptoms may occur:1420822395_abscess-legkogo1

  • – Cough without sputum discharge;
  • – Chest pain, growing at a breath or cough;
  • – Fever and chills;
  • – Shortness of breath;
  • – Asymmetric chest movement during breathing.

In alcoholics symptoms can be lubricated and less pronounced.
When the abscess is opened, its contents are starting to move away when coughing. The patient in this case is significantly improved.


abscesTo diagnose the disease the patient is prescribed chest X-ray, bronchoscopy, and a blood test. In the nascent stage of purulent cavity visible in the picture darkened area, and after the opening of an abscess – an area with liquid inside. Bronchoscopy is necessary to detect inflammatory changes in the walls of the bronchi, which indicates the presence of an abscess.


As treatment with medication to improve bronchial drainage and antibiotic treatment capacity in large dosages. Also recommended restorative measures: better nutrition, vitamins and immunostimulants.
Early treatment has a favorable outcome and usually requires surgery.
As an antibiotic often prescribed drugs based on co-trimoxazole, for example, Bactrim. He has a broad spectrum of action and actively fighting with almost all groups of microorganisms.
Bactrim can be bought at a pharmacy or order online. The drug is not available without a prescription.